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                 ELITE MAGAZINE JOURNAL INTERVIEW: February 2017 issue: 



                  - Murat , can we get to know you first?
                  I was born in 1970 in Istanbul..My childhood and my youth have also passed on to Etiler.
After graduating from Etiler High School, I won the Department of Interior Design University of Mimar Sinan .
I graduated in '93.. I read English Preparatory Course before "Istanbul Technical University".. We have established a registered brand "Interium Design" for interior design and design ...
                  Throughout my career I have tried to improve myself on "concept design" as a field of expertise.
                  What I am doing right now is to prepare concept prototype spaces for companies that are fully committed to institutionalization and branding, and to carry out their processes of reproduction in a stable manner.. Another extension of interior architecture service is to provide design service to institutions that have already completed the branding process but want to "renew" their concepts ..
I currently carry out the concept work and preparations of more than one corporate company brands, apart from my domestic and foreign free work.
                 I will continue to serve as professional "concept consultants" and "designers" on specific days of the week on annual contracts.

                -What is İnterior Design is it for short? What exactly is concept designing?
               IInterior design ; Is to organize the human being in the spatial sense as the aesthetically-most efficient way according to the needs of the living spaces. This could be a cockpit cabinet, a desk top area, a room arrangement, a circulation arrangement of a shop ....Human nature wants to regulate the inner and outer places that it lives in need of improvement. As a result, mathematics, geometry, physics, and engineering and design have emerged as a rational science domain.
                 The concept is a "master" main idea, organized as a conceptual and ideological prototype. An "originality" is required for a "brand" to be created for a person or institution. With this work, you need a design that separates from others and has "unique" values. If a large number of spaces are required due to the services offered to an institution, it is expected that these spaces are in the properties that are reflected in the institution.
Decoration should be planned according to the services provided by the institution and service should be a standard in the same quality regardless of geographical location in accordance with total quality understanding.
This is where concept designing goes into effect.We listen to the needs and needs of the investor about the concept store we need, and we first determine the basis of the concept idea. If necessary, after a few revisions, we create a prototype.
                 Later, information such as budget and planning support and the number of points that will be opened in the process are examined and then the production is passed on. For example, we can exemplify the retail stores of any corporate brand in a bank branch or shopping mall.

                - Was interior design your dream? How did your curiosity begin and when did you decide?
                 I can say a little more than imagination, actually, I had a heavy winter that I remember for the first time in my youth. So much snow is a lot of stuff for someone imaginative . I remember convincing my two other friends from the other side and making an  "igloo house". Moreover, there were 2 rooms, The curiosity started with something like this.. Besides, it is natural to express myself by drawing because I make very good pictures.
           When I finished high school, I was looking for jobs that would suit my abilities and draw my life while I was looking for the most suitable professions..I researched interior architecture and I thought it was right for me.
I applied for the arts aptitude exams and won the exam ..So everything was spontaneous.

                - What have you done so far? How did you work on the projects?
                 My first job was to design a "live music" venue for a group of customers who applied for a bar design to the interior architecture department, where I was working part-time while I was still in university third grade. I was responsible for the projecting and implementation of "Kemanci Rock Bar" in Sıraselviler, one of the partners of Galip Tekin, who was also a cartoonist in the magazine "Gırgır" magazine, which was then a Turkish legendary humor magazine . It is a great honor to get experience in a space decoration that has met a past doyen of literature and is a hit in the first job.  Later on, after my graduation, my first real professional work experience was accepted in both of my job applications. I also started work on the first corporate branding.
Later I worked like a locomotive and I had the chance to work with some other brands.
               I had a total of 32 registrations from the "Turkish Patent Institute", which carried out countless industrial designs for the design firm I had set up. We have established a company that produces stainless steel store and wall display systems products in the retailing sector and hundreds of designs are still in use with direct and indirect sales in various brand store structures on the market. I have been indirectly or individually designing about these products that I bet with the brands I work with.

          Some of the leading brands that I have found working abroad are: Lufian (55), Hugo Boss (1), Mudo (1), Daniel Hechter (19), Pierre Cardin (3), Us polo Assn (3), Cacharel 3) .Enricomarinell of (2), Imza (32), Salvatini (4), Jakamen (3), Hatemoğlu (2), Bindchocolate (4), Kalenanoraf (2), Elbi (2), Rodeojeans (2), Woo ( 1), BigMammas (1), Kahvemania (1), ChesterBoom (1), MihrimahSultankonakları (2), Volkan Construction (4), Modasquare (1), Dijan (2), MonacoHotel (1), MadHouse 1) adilışık (5) Cotton (2), Adese (2), Prestige (7), Nike (1), Adidas (1), Chefschick (1)Endekosishhp (2), TasarıkUrkmod (1), Academyrock,Adwork (1), Platinum Construction (3), ClaudiaContini (4), VizeMobilya (1), TriElectronic (1)


.Specialized storesNewJersey, St.Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Aschaffenburg, Baku, Amman, Tunisia, Ghana, Baghdad, Arbil, Tashkent, Morocco, Algeria, Tashkent and Shan-Gai. I have also conducted researches and reviews outside of my professional practice and work in countries like America, Russia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Romania, Saudi Arabia.


                    Do you think education is important, as an educated individual?

If you did not receive training, was it possible that you could only do interior design with your creativity?
                 What contribution did the training bring to you?

                Yes, definitely. It is the promotion of educational skills through scientific grants.
Competence should be developed with knowledge and disciplined work.
Ability to improve your ability to express yourself by adding methods, presentation skills and system.
He has to use two (2) and three (3) dimensional design and visual enhancement programs well, as well as hand drawings from a good designer ability. Designs will be accepted by the people and institutions you offer if they can be expressed correctly. Since your ideas use all these consistent methods, your actions are not coincidental, so a positive awareness will be exercised in an appropriate and decent manner.
If the quality of the vocational training you have received is in the right institution and it is acquired in the right process, it is directly related to your performance in the future.
              I have seen many people who did not receive academic education and their performances which we learned in the marketplace that we encountered in the business environment as architects-interior architects but later learned that they were not. But unfortunately there was always something missing. Especially in high mathematics and engineering design, you are witnessing their retreat. I guess this is the "dramatic" side for me, which is missing.
              If I did not take the training, I do not know if I would try to do the job like this. As a result, I support academic education as a "school" and I definitely recommend it to newcomers. It is necessary to establish a long paragraph as follows: First, you establish a "master-apprentice" relationship with all professors and instructors during academic education. And think your instructors are idealistic people. For example they say: "Of course I will give you a note for your drawing and ideas but If I like your work, so You think of the notes as a "money". Then draw your design ideas beautifully, defend them and accept them..Convince me..
So I can see how much I will give you from these notes in my pocket. "You may witness here that your project projects have been blacked out and torn down a number of times. After all, They will not easily make you colleagues . This teaches you not to fall in love with your ideas. After you have gone through hundreds of thousands of such processes, you are eventually out of your own guiding and vicious cycle of becoming a "designer".
                I think education is the greatest benefit for me.

               - Is creativity important in interior architecture?
                 Before say yes; What do we mean by "creativity"? It is necessary to explain and open the contents.
Everything is actually about how we respond to the "supply" to the person or institution that has "demand" from an interior design on the design. There are a variety of alternatives and problems that are consistent with the condition of not leaving the aesthetic concerns here. If you approach a design problem with only one solution, sometimes you have not met expectations about the alternatives.  Sometimes you may encounter problems that can not be solved. This is exactly where "creativity" comes into play.
                  In fact, "creativity" should be defined as the ability to bring alternative solutions to any problem in a multitude of consistent, innovative, aesthetic, and unexpected ways. The designer must be open to the innovation that supports it. They should always research new qualitative materials and update their knowledge.
 Therefore, if we mean "creativity", it means that it is very important in terms of professional performance and productivity.


                   - What are the trends and styles you have inspired?
                     Do you have a designer you admire?

                    It is not possible to be influenced by contemporary arts, especially since it started to be thrown out in the 1970s, and the last ten years of popularity have come to the forefront of minimalist and modern trends.
Although I am favored by nature, I am interested in neoplastism works that are more amenable to realizing amorphous forms in challenging boundaries in design and catching irrational curvilinear forms. It has always been fun and exciting to examine futuristic futuristic works and designs.  At the same time, I found the works of science-fiction or "FantasyArt" as a semi-professional graphic re-illustrator working with "airbrush" very inspiring.
As a result; A good designer must know and follow all styles and trends.
                   Thus, it is able to "stay fit" by updating its design capabilities with information flows. The updated life works like a circulation system as it is in the sectors that are updating itself rigidly, as in the same textile and other sectoral fashion.
The old interiors are reminiscent of a retro, vintage, mid century, british country, my special interests are colonial style periods, modern, especially Scandinavian country, and the designers are genuinely interested in style.

                  In the past, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, and Eero Saarinen, have been engraved in the memory of the designers'
                  Today, Philippe Starck, Karim Rashid, Jean-Louis Deniot, Federico Delrosso, Ma Yansong, Robert Bailey were followed.
                  On the other hand, in terms of "Turkish designers", in the last 6 years, in the ranking of the countries with the best designers of the world, "World Design Rankings" means that Turkey rises to 2nd place in a platform where many designer countries are evaluated after the United States of America.



                     - In my design, the theme of returning to the old years  and the natural has begun to become even more prominent. What do you think about this issue?
                    It is not surprising to me to return to naturality   as a designer. At this moment the return to natural = "organic" magic word and people who seek naturalness in what they eat, prefer to be natural and organic in all the objects they interact with and in contact with. I think we are trying to balance the weaknesses or the possible costs of living in a technological age. The human-settlement relationship will never break away from natural ingredients. Naturalness and specific heat values ​​are important in the materials used in decorations.
For example: The specific heat of a person is relatively high ... one of the materials closest to the human from the specific heat angle is the tree. So you feel more comfortable in the skin of wood furniture.
However, in winter conditions, when you are talking about a glass table with your elbows, it is cold and "Specific heat is low." It means that the specific heat is relatively low according to your skin temperature
Every place we live in is right or wrong, and every piece of material gives such positive-negative secret messages.
                 Sometimes we like a place very much. We may not be able to figure it out when asked "What do you like? For example, if there is a "one hundred" design problem in a space, the design success of the space is measured by the multiplicity of rational answers that you find in these problems, that is, the solutions.
Here are the answers that the "acclaimed" designer has found visually-invisible. We say "comfort" to the conditions in which this condition is arranged for the user.
                  In recent years, as a consciousness, there has been a social mass that closely follows the internet site of ideas. They share furniture and designs.  When  a college professor said to me that, I remember the smile on my face when she said, "Every woman is a semi-interior designer." I said : How? The answer has hidden inside the question. As the most creative minded people in the home, with or without awareness of nature, as well as the feelings that support them with all their understanding of the place, Simplicity, practicality, comfort, traditional approaches, where people think they express themselves, collage with personal objects and design furniture they have accumulated, and observe social spaces that they blend.
                  Country, rustic, vintage, primitive, kitsc, which represent them, will alternately come back again in different periods with great possibility.  The use of rural life as a theme, simple lines, practical life, flat furniture, flat-tissue trendy old value and nature-specific heat-compatible materials will always be found in people's basic needs.
                  In the meantime, although I have to follow and know professionally, the currents which are far from the classical other currents, such as "memphis ", which are irrational, tough, disproportionate, sharp, exaggerated and contrary to their functions are not coming like to me

                 - What is the concept of space energy? Do we need to take it into consideration when decorating our house?
                  I know that some work has been done especially about the energy of the place in the far east ..
We are also known as "FengShui" and a number of different names. We respect design and rituals of different cultures and we carry out designs according to traditional, cultural architectural concerns and evaluations in Turkey and Europe.

                 - With the urban transformation, roof and reverse duplex apartments increased considerably.
What should one look for in these apartments? What are the difficulties and benefits to live?
How can we eliminate the negative situations of these apartments which have disadvantages as much as they are enjoyable, can we learn your suggestions?

                 Roof duplexes need to think that the building is like a hat on the head and roof cover .. Proper heat and sound insulation material should be used again with correct detailing. Contractors have been very conscious recently and are applying more to designers.  These buildings have better quality finishing details and increase their overall quality. Since the wind resistance is higher in the upper storeys and especially in the attic floors than in the normal floors, different and heat and water insulated window joinery systems should be used in these floors.  I would recommend the use of skilled building facade options that will determine the life of the building we are referring to as "breathing" constructions in the facade cladding.
                Also,should benefit from roof windows systems with the aim of maximizing the use of natural light.
The terraced doors on the garden floors must be equipped with large and wide window door systems.
In recent years, it has become possible to consume the energy you produce by using solar and wind power, especially under the name of "renewable energy" in large areas such as roof coverings, and more and more technological and efficient systems are being developed. I advise them to use these systems with environmentally responsible investors for the future of our world and our children. The most important problem in roof duplexes is the problem of head rescue. If you place your furniture stacking systems at the lowest points of the roof, you will lose less space than standing in space.
If the room is a bedroom and the room is small, the combined wardrobe and bed can be combined and used internally. This will also save space.
                What is important for reverse duplexes is that as a technical term for the protection of the building there is a "bundle" outside the "mantle", which can be thought of as a boot-dressing process that does not flood a building. Such operations are important measures that extend the life of structures.
                Thus, the "moisture problem" which is the most damaging to a structure is also prevented. The second important issue that needs to be done
Even if the land is flat or sloping after the ground survey has been done, the necessary baseline and substandard measures have been taken in order to make sure that the practices of "drainage", "blockage" and "grobeton" must. The best part of reverse duplexes is that they are garden floors or garden terraces at the same time.. To avoid these advantages, it is necessary to take hygienic measures of the transition areas between the house and the garden area.

               - How do we make our living spaces become more livable with small touches? Can we get important tips from you about the designs of business, home, office, cafe, restaurant business?
                To give a simple example of the use of living spaces, for example, there should not be a door or a door that is opened in the wrong direction. Indirect lighting methods that use the least amount of eye should be used for correct lighting.  The success of decoration is possible when all its functions express itself in spaces and volumes in the right square meters. If you divide the functions of a room into the right partitions at the beginning of the job and you plan well which part of the function you want to allocate, you will at least have a successful systematic structure. If the work scheme of a place is established correctly, the decorative elements and the choices made with the understanding of alternative taste and aesthetics form the character and authenticity of the place. Care must be taken in the workplace, in offices, in cafes and restaurants, in terms of a theme that expresses a fundamental institutionality or culture that gives a message about the seriousness of work and the total quality. This first perception is the first impression of people about the place.

                 - Could you talk about the fashionable stuff of the last time? Where is the trend going?
                Composite and compact materials continue to be trending. But recently, with the addition of "nano" technology, things have become more enjoyable. We now have self-cleaning sanitaryware, ceramics and tiles.
As industrial developments grow, they grow in size. As the adaptation has evolved, "cnc" computer-aided cutting and machining platforms have already taken its place in manufacturing to produce qualified designs.

                 - Do you think interior design is luxury?
                   It depends on your understanding.  It's a matter of budget. People are aware of the need to organize their existing environments and the spaces they live in order to increase the productivity required by them.
Doing it yourself or getting a professional support service is a matter of choice. Every interior design can be kept out of the way of what we call luxuriously with a budget and a limited budget.
That's a bit of a consumer's hand. The interior architect has to bring solutions according to every budget. Of course, this should be an acceptable lower limit. We can say that luxury is unlimited in the upper part of the budget about meeting the expectations.

                 - What are your principles in design? How much does interior architecture look worth in Turkey, what is its progress?

                    In design, "functionality", "proportions" and "aesthetics" are my principles. A space must be functional so that it is fully functional and can be taken to full efficiency. Proportion means rate-proportion, which is an abruptly balanced rate. Aesthetics represents the "sensitivity" that appeals to the added emotions. If interior architecture has not found its place as an awareness, there is a consciousness in consumers. It creates consciousness value. We can say that "consciousness and awareness" is so "worth seeing" as everything is.
Especially in professional environments, corporate firms need a designer in their day-to-day operations and actions. Institutional affairs require that the budget manages the best available service.  This is through project planning and planning. As a result, I think that institutions and designers are inevitable partners.  When we look at progress, it is certain that we will definitely be in a better position. While the world is moving toward a better organized structure, I believe that people or institutions will be more successful if they are more "integrated" with their own way of life, investment and formation.

               - What are the elements that you need to be careful of creating a peaceful home or business environment?
                  We can talk about the necessity of a place to make people happy if we leave the edge of the psychological and economic reasons.  A place is the floor of a person. It is safe in its own environment. The weaknesses of the place must be overcome. When they are equipped with security, correct climate, functionality, material, texture, sufficient volume characteristics, person or persons embrace and enjoy the space. In recent years, the demands of technological "intelligent systems", which are adapted to places, have brought the feeling of dominating the place. Now, instead of just a sense of space made up of goods, you think of the devices you like to program at your place, and the unique spaces that they manage.
A place that communicates with you at your disposal will bring a peaceful home and business environment.
For a peaceful house and workplace, attention should be paid to the following: Simplicity brings peace (Db supervision) with proper insulation required...


                  - What are the elements that you need to be careful of creating a peaceful home or business environment?
                 We can talk about the necessity of a place to make people happy if we leave the edge of the psychological and economic reasons.  A place is the floor of a person. It is safe in its own environment. The weaknesses of the place must be overcome.  When they are equipped with security, correct climate, functionality, material, texture, sufficient volume characteristics, person or persons embrace and enjoy the space. In recent years, the demands of technological "intelligent systems", which are adapted to places, have brought the feeling of dominating the place. Now, instead of just a sense of space made up of goods, you think of the devices you like to program at your place, and the unique spaces that they manage.
                A place that communicates with you at your disposal will bring a peaceful home and business environment. For a peaceful house and workplace, attention should be paid to the following: Simplicity brings peace of mind (Db supervision) with proper insulation and necessary silence. Or you need to be able to incorporate a light music system when you need it. Avoidance of clutter. Elements of clutter should be disposed of with well-planned furniture storage systems. Take advantage of daylight, that is, the positive effect of the sun, whereas the artificial light must be regulated at the correct light intensity. It is important for the negative ions to keep the green plant in the proper condition of the room. The conditioned heat and cleaning are made regularly.
Ventilated spaces affect hygiene. Take care not to be stifling in the complex patterns of the space walls, the resting place should be comfortable, your body should be rested at the end of the day.
                 Especially for houses, places such as kitchens and bathrooms should be cleaned with negativity (bad smell, etc ..) and supported with systems to be disposed of.

                - When you give consultancy to interior designers and all the choices are left to your experience, where do you relate your design to your customer for your satisfaction?
                 First of all, one of the requirements of being a good designer and the success of the design is to understand the needs of the person who requests the design service and to produce functional and aesthetic solutions accordingly. Knowing what you want is always a matter of facilitating things. By listing your investor's wishes, you can bring item rational solutions to each identified problem. If, on the other hand, the person requesting the interior architecture service is not sure what he wants, we take care to draw attention to the following facts before giving his general professional advice. In terms of the investor, first, if the person does not know where to start, he should at least answer the questions "what he wants" and "what he does not want". I call this briefly a demand conscious.
                  Thus the red lines become known. In order to enable the investor to define his / her own ideological position, the "successful sample places" that have been passed on before are displayed. Samples provide location understanding and updating. Project actions are initiated after the decision on how to take the design measures for the new target position situation. Revised procedures will take the final state of design after the processes. In order to measure the success of post-delivery design, I see methodically the "before" and "after" detection mechanisms as the best defining elements of development.


                 - When consulting, did you compare the demand for design with a demand?
                   I can say that many unsolvable businesses in the consulting firms or in the free market are wandering around and coming out prematurely. Generally, although industry and industry are developed in Turkey, Sometimes they are very difficult to apply according to construction techniques. Here again, different techniques of construction are introduced with experience. While routine producers are very successful in flat lines and multi-production, which we call rational forms, when we say that designs are entered into irrational angular or curvilinear forms, which we call engineering, we call these "boutique"    They do not prefer such jobs when considering the cost of job-track-work.   Because of this, we often encounter tasks that emphasize special design capabilities.

               - Could you express the most important subtleties of home furnishings in order to build a new home?  

                    Space-occupancy ratio, complexity-simplicity balance, color balance, etc. I am recommending more "compact" spaces when considering the general economic structure for the new home builders ...
"Keyword": Lean place
The space in which you have no object that is unnecessary and does not work should not be around.
Layout design is the foreground.
There is a need for storage and storage cells that are well thought out to prevent an uneven disconnection in a room.
Inside the venue, useful appliances that will be used for day-to-day life should be replaced after the work is done.
This is possible with good planning.
The volumetric element that determines a location is its width, height, and height.
For example, indoors lighting should definitely be used in lower places.
Especially in narrow spaces such as WC and bathroom, the suffocating effect of complex patterns repeating itself on the floor and wall should be avoided.
When the volume is narrow and the objects are excessively close to each other when the "human" living in the spatial sense is taken, this creates an invisible pressure.
In a very large area, the goods are floating.
Paying attention to the so-called "proportions" ratio-proportionality to create ideal spaces; It is possible to create spaces with the most appropriate design standards, based on the compatibility of human with the physical environment and the human-body dimensions known as "anthropometry".
It is important to use correct combination as color.
Monochromatic theme: monochromatic: can be used as neutral contrasts, such as monochrome combination or black and white.
Personal use: It is suitable for every color choice. "I did it" concept.
Special applications such as close navy blue, saggy coffee close to sake ...
All "beige and coffee" tones for home style - black, white and cream assisted
Soft colors: In recent years, the lightest shades of each color are also called "vivid" powders.
Institutional colors: For example, it should be a "primary" color that provides the theme,
The secondary color in the logo and a neutral color to match it are complemented by lighter colors as a complement.
Contrast, ie contrasting colors, are for example: yellow with purple, red with green, blue with orange contrasting contrasting colors.
Simple choices, avoid using more than three different colors together.
To lighten a color, use the same shades of color when making the combination.
They are black, gray and white neutral colors. They can be combined with any color and combined


                     - The most important consideration in designing a home is the choice of color. The colors that dominate the walls, the curtains, the colors of the furniture, the accessories are very important.
                    In particular, which colors should be preferred and which colors should be used in which rooms to create a natural relaxing and positive space. What are the colors to avoid? What colors do we need to stay away from, which is challenging our psychology? As a part of our education, the knowledge of the effects of colors on the general user is taught to us. In fact, there are basically 3 main and 3 intermediate colors.
                   The main colors are yellow, red, blue.

                    Orange, green, purple are intermediate colors.
In other words, all colors are composed of 3 main colors. 
At the same time, it is necessary to divide these colors into two as cold and warm colors.  In the meantime, all the colors in the physical environment, for example, paint as a mixture of the right to go to the mosque, when they are combined as light goes to the bosai.
The general influences on the soul and psychology about the colors and their definition are evident from the earlier and tested researches.
                  For example;  

                  Black: Persistence, durability, wisdom, reliability. The feeling is loaded. It should be associated with design in appropriate places to absorb light. Must be balanced. Recently we have seen café, denim, sportswear and shoes in brand decorations.
                  White: Purity and stability are symbols. Increase concentration. Especially precious jewelry, jewelery, medicine places, hospitals, pharmacy, women are often observed in textile stores.
                   Yellow: It reflects all the positive values ​​of the sun. Positive effects in the mood. There is asympathetic effect to reflect the variability. . Example: Taxis are yellow origin.
It is a threat to animals. It represents the poison. For example: Forbidden zone .. Radiation etc.
                  Orange: Provides psychological comfort. It has a positive effect on depression. Suitable colors for entertainment theme. It is seen in the preferences of entertainment-oriented brands.
                  Red: A remarkable color. It is energetic. It has a refreshing effect. It is a symbol of danger, danger or excitement. If we want to emphasize something, that object will be in the foreground. The highlight is the color.
It has been observed that there is an effect on blood pressure values. As a result of this, especially in big brand fast food chain labels and concept color, it is absolutely red.
                  Brown: Comfortable, safe environment. It is recommended to not be used in production center.
                  Blue: It gives calmness. It is mostly relaxing for the eyes. The place is a color commonly used by people who do not like to take risks while painting. It is a color that every industry uses.
                  Green: It creates a sense of peace and quiet. The color that conjures the most with nature. If it is used in appropriate tonnes, it is evocative. When combined with yellow, it is evocative of sincerity and friendship.
Blue le affects refreshment. Health sector uses more.
                  Purple: Depressed when used too often. The use of less is a sense of stability. It is the last color of the color spectrum, so it induces individuality and selectivity effect. It increases the concentration when used properly. It conjures up luxury. It is the color of individual people who love love. Navy is more authoritarian. You will see that it is frequently used in work and office areas.
                Especially, all the colors I want to say can be used. There are 16.8 million colors derived from the total color scale even though 3 main colors are different. Sample android screen features ... But in this diversity, the color tone we choose, the ratio and what you combine is important. Otherwise we will limit the colors because of their effects.
                 Again, I encourage every color to be used freely according to the likes which are variable according to the person.

               - Finally, what is the secret of a healthy, happy and positive living space in the world of decoration and design?
                 What do you want to do with our readers? As you know, our culture is a civilization that has been built from a nomadic civilization in ancient times. During this transition, we are a society that reflects our personal areas in the positive values ​​of our culture and in the self-values ​​that make us. When we investigate, it is observed that many ancient structures are still thought to be incompletely understood today. Our living spaces are essentially human axis. 
As a new understanding, it is my recommendation as an understanding of space in today's Turkey:
                 Be practical, Choose environmentally sensitive, recyclable materials. Consum renewable energy. Create your style with your choices. Project your character to the place. With compact structures you can create well-planned living spaces and furnishings. Express your feelings and experiences with your touches on the floor without breaking from your past. You can use it in combination with the "new", like an old table, chest, keeping the "old" value. 
Art is a complement to this. Get a true picture, though not yet made by a famous painter. Use technology to make life easier. Avoid the adverse effects of radiation on technology. Experience a functional space and,

              .....more importantly, make the place that is most important for your beautiful country to live with you....

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